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Principal Whitmore

Mr. Whitmore's Zoom

Brenda Kolesar

Kolesar Zoom link

Mrs. Kolesar's Google classroom

Beth Wilson

Wilson Zoom Link

Mrs. Wilson's Google Classroom

Kyleigh Dickinson

Mrs. Dickinson's Zoom Link             

Mrs. Dickinson's Google Classroom

Annetta Graham

Mrs. Graham's Zoom Link

Mrs. Graham's Google Classroom

Lisa Mattiussi

Mrs. Mattiussi's Zoom Link

Mrs. Mattiussi's Google Classroom

Melanie Valenly

Valenly's Zoom Link
Meeting ID - 969 3705 1608
PASSCODE - 518704

Mrs. Valenly's Google Classroom

Rita Creed

Ms. Creed's Zoom Link

Ms. Creed's Google Classroom

Tracy Palmer

Ms. Palmer's Zoom Link

Ms. Palmer’s Google Classroom

Paula Valentini

Ms. Valentini's Zoom Link

Ms. Valentini's Google Classroom

Heather Bigley

Mrs. Bigley's Zoom Link

Mrs. Bigley's Social Studies Classroom

Mrs. Bigley's Science Classroom

Jayne Betz

Mrs. Betz's Zoom Link

Mrs. Betz’s Google Classroom

Alex Cochran

              Ms. Cochran's Zoom Link

Ms. Cochran's Google Classroom

Victoria Worsencroft

Mrs. Worsencroft's Zoom Link

Mrs. Worsencroft's Google Classroom

Rachel Canatsey

Ms. Canatsey's Zoom Link

Ms. Canatsey's Google Classroom

Kathy Barth

Mrs. Barth's Zoom Link

Mrs. Barth's Google Classroom

Shannon Sefcik

              Mrs. Sefcik's Zoom Link

Mrs. Sefcik's Google Classroom

Amber Wagner/Rudyann Mitchell

Mrs. Mitchell's Zoom Link 

Ms. Mitchell's Google Classroom

Jennifer Warino

Warino Zoom Link

Mrs. Warino's Google Classroom

Alessa Stover

Mrs. Stover's Zoom Link

Mrs. Stover's Google Classroom

Michelle Pitoscia

Ms. Pitoscia's Zoom Link

Ms. Pitoscia's Google Classroom

Rachel Schmidt

Mrs. Schmidt's Zoom Link

Mrs. Schidt's Google Classroom

Travelle McElroy 

Ms. McElroy's Zoom Link

Ms. McElroy's Google Classroom

John Budai

Mr. Budai's Zoom LInk             

Mr. Budai's Google Classroom

Sue Kempe

Mrs. Kempe's Zoom Link

Lucia Fee

Ms. Fee's Zoom Link

Ms. Fee's Google Classroom

Mrs. Rust Taylor- Social Worker

              Mrs. Rust Taylor's Zoom Link

Mrs. Baco

Mrs. Baco's Zoom Link

Preschool-Mrs. Coonce and Ms. Parise

              Preschool Zoom Link 

Ms. Parise Google Classroom

Mrs. Coonce's Google Classroom

Click below to access teacher Google Classroom sites:

Mrs. Coonce -Preschool

Mrs. Hartman-Preschool

Kindergarten Website

Mrs. Graham-Kindergarten

Mrs. Graham-Bitmoji Classroom

Mrs. Dickinson- Kindergarten

Ms. Canatsey- Kindergarten

Mrs. Wilson- Kindergarten

Mrs. Wilson- Bitmoji Classroom

Mrs. Mattiussi- 1st Grade

Ms. Pitoscia- 1st Grade

Mrs. Schmidt- 1st Grade

Mrs. Barth- 2nd Grade

Mrs. Sefcik- 2nd Grade

Mrs. Wagner- 2nd Grade

Mrs. Worsencroft- 2nd Grade

Mrs. Betz- 3rd Grade

Ms Palmer- 3rd Grade

Miss Cochran- 3rd Grade

Mrs. Warino- 3rd Grade

Mrs. Kolesar- 4th Grade

Mrs. Valenly- 4th Grade

Mrs. Stover- 4th Grade

Ms. Creed- 5th Grade

Ms. Valentini- 5th Grade

Mrs. Bigley- 5th Grade-Social Studies 

Mrs. Bigley-5th Grade-Science

Mr. Budai- ED Unit

Ms. Fattman- IS K-2

Mrs. Bunnell- IS 3-5

Ms. McElroy-Title

  • Preschool