Harding Elementary March Newsletter 03-02-2020 

Dear Harding Families, 

Spring is just around the corner! We can definitely see a difference in our students this time of year. It is a time of intense instruction, as it is when we have a long stretch without interruption. Consequently, it is also the time when students want to be outside and having fun. Please encourage your child to continue to work to his/her fullest potential, even when the work is at its most challenging. We are excited for them to "show what they know," as the school year begins to wind down. 

As I mentioned above, spring is the time when students have the opportunity to demonstrate grade level skills. Most of you are used to hearing information about Ohio assessments at this time of year. A calendar of events & testing schedule has been sent home with your child/ren. When you have some time, I would ask that you 1) review that information thoroughly and 2) mark your calendar with assessment days that apply to your child. Refer to this calendar and outline if possible when scheduling daytime appointments, family vacation days, and other things that could impact attendance. I am happy to answer any questions about upcoming assessments. 


Teri J. Coward-Principal 

What's Happening

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We would like to remind parents/guardians that students can enter the building at 7:45 a.m. for breakfast.  Students are tardy at 8:00 a.m. 

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