January 2020

Harding Parents and Guardians, 

It is so hard to believe that winter break is over and 2020 is upon us! This school year is going by so quickly and Spring Break will be here before we know it. We are excited for a new year and the sense of excitement and renewal brought with it. Once again, we are so grateful for all the students, parents, and staff that bring joy to us on a daily basis. We truly hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing winter vacation! 

I want to thank you for doing whatever it takes to ensure that your child is in school each and every day! We know it is difficult during our winter months. There is so much to learn and amazing things are happening in all of our classrooms each and every day. Right now our teachers are focusing on delivering "guided instruction to our students. This is similar to when a parent teaches a child to ride a bike while running alongside them. In order to learn all students require "productive struggle" as teachers we are there to support and catch them when they need help. It is often hard to watch students struggle, we want to help and give them the answers, or grab the bike when it shakes the tiniest bit. Our goal is for students to take more responsibility for their learning while creating a safe environment where we are always ready to catch them when they really need it. 

Tardy to School Reminders 

Tardy minutes add up and count against your child's attendance record. Please ensure that your child is on time for school each and every day. Students who come by car or walk must be in the school building before 8:00 AM to be on time for school. If you are experiencing difficulty with getting to school on time please contact our office and our team will provide assistance. 

Important Parent/Guardian Reminders: 

Weekly reports Behavior, Attendance and Grade reports will be sent home with all students each week. Please review this report with your student, contact the teacher with any concerns. Please remember that all students need to dress for the weather. All students need to have jackets, gloves and hats everyday for outdoor recess. Closing and delay announcements will be communicated by robo calls, radio and television stations. 

Happy New Year! 

Teri J. Coward-Principal

What's Happening

We would like to remind parents/guardians that students can enter the building at 7:45 a.m. for breakfast.  Students are tardy at 8:00 a.m. 

Click below to read about our Parent Engagement Policy:
Harding's Parent Involvement Policy 2017 2018.pdf


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